Rainy Day
by:Kagayaki Ame

    Anthy snuck out of the room she and Utena shared quietly. She straightened her uniform hastily and her heart beat rapidly. It was raining again, and it was a very special thing indeed.
    She walked out of the dorm casually as not to arouse suspicion and strolled towards their place. She got soaked as she walked, umbrella swinging at her side almost carelessly. It didn't rain very often, but when it did, she and he would always meet at their special place and enjoy the weather in a way only they could. The first time it happened, she was scared, but his gentle tone and persuading eyes pulled her in. They knew it was forbidden, but it didn't matter, it felt good and it would only last for as long as it rained...
    He vowed to her that when he won her hand in the duels, he would take her away to where it rained everyday and they could live in ecstasy for all eternity. Until that day, though, this would have to do. If anyone found out what he was doing to the rose bride that wasn't even his, they'd hang him. They already expelled him under the guise that he'd attempted to kill another duelist due to some suspicion. He didn't want to put any more space between them, he said and kissed her gently. So they would have to make due until he had a chance to fight for her again.
    She arrived at the clearing first and entered the forgotten greenhouse. The little glass retreat that only they knew about, where they spent all of their rainy days. She tossed her umbrella to the side and was about to peel out of her wet clothes when she heard him walk up behind her.
    "Now you know I like to do that..." he whispered putting a gentle arm around her waist.
    She sighed and smiled. "Yes, But first, could you unbind my hair? I love when you do that..." she said sweetly.
    He smiled. "Certainly." His hands carefully and expertly removed the pins that bound her long violet hair. It fell in damp curls to her waist.
    "Mmmm.... thank you."
    He turned her around and they pressed their bodies together. She instantly ran her hands through his long silky green hair as turquoise eyes met violet. He kissed her gently at first then with building urgency. She began to unbutton the soaked shirt he wore as he unzipped her drenched and clinging skirt.
    The storm brewed outside as they revealed themselves to each other. When they were completely bare, he held her close, their cold bodies warming to each other with the help of the moderately tempered greenhouse.
    "Oh, Kei..." she breathed, the only one who called him by that name, a shortened version of his hated first name. He smiled at the pet name and lifted her and carried her to the makeshift bed they had at the east end of the house. It's where all of the roses grew and she loved it there. They were the reason he first brought her there.
    He laid her down and reclined next to her. She was so beautiful this way, in all of her nude glory, undulating hair wild about her, teal eyes full of love innocence and desire. He caressed her creamy cinnamon skin and marveled at her as he always did when he saw her.
    She turned her head and kissed his palm softly. Then she faced him and pulled him gently down with her. Bodies pressed again, she kissed him, letting her hands roam over his strong broad chest, flat toned stomach and narrow waist. He in turn moaned her name and explored every one of her small, but desirable, curves. He cupped her breasts in his hands, a striking contrast against his pale skin. He loved her so much...
    The storm began to pick up, thunder rolling fiercely. It seemed their passion mirrored the gale, growing more and more urgent. He laid on top of her, his lower torso between her legs. He kissed her long graceful neck and she moaned tossing her head back in pleasure sending her wavy locks back in a cascade of purple. He ran a hand through her hair and he romanced her neck and she began to moan, this time in longing. He knew she was ready.
    Placing a strong hand at the small of her back, he pulled her up slightly, enough to allow a smooth entry. He remembered the first time. She was so scared, but so eager to feel him inside her. It was painful at first for her and it didn't last long, but it was beautiful. Now she lasted longer than he did sometimes, craving his burning desire forever.
    When they joined, she arched her back and gasped. "Anthy..." he whispered. He loved to see her this way. So much pleasure was wrought on her face. He leaned over and kissed her from her navel to her lips and lingered there while sliding in and out of her ever so slightly. She nearly screamed at the torturous delectation of him.
    The storm raged as they followed suit riding their wave to nirvana. It was getting hot in the greenhouse, and the windows actually began to fog.
    "Kei... Oh, Kei..." she panted, nails digging into his shoulders.
    "An thy," he repeated, syllables emphasized with each thrust.
    She gripped him tightly, arms around his neck as he pushed harder and harder into her. Lightening flashed, thunder crashed and the wind howled.
    "Kei...!" her volume rising with the wind.
    He was beyond words now He kissed her neck and collarbone fiercely until they both felt their orgasm break over them. She wasn't sure if it was the impact of their release or the storm that caused lightening to flash before her eyes, but she didn't care. It was good and she loved him, that's all that mattered.
    They lay in each others arms, the blanket and the scent of roses covering them, as they watched the storm die down to a gentle shower. He stroked her hair and she lay semiconscious on his chest. The familiar sadness that came when the rain ended washed over him. The storm was over and now, so was their rainy day interlude.
    "Don't worry, my love," she whispered soothingly, sensing his sadness. "It will soon rain again... and I'll be here waiting for you."
    He smiled slightly and made her look at him. "I love you, Anthy."
    "I love you too, Kaoiji." She was the only one who could make that ridiculous name sound handsome. He looked into her innocent face and smiled before sealing their rainy day with a kiss.

    "I hope to see you again soon," he whispered when they were back at the crossroads. He held her little face in his hands gently and kissed her again.
    "Yes, my love. I'm happiest when it rains. Until then." She turned reluctantly and started back to her dorm.
    He watched her for a while and smiled. Then he turned and headed back to his place. Hopefully it would rain again soon.