(Neither the characters in this story nor the products of  Herbal Essences belong to me. I'm just using 'em for what should be a rather interesting fanfic)

    Malachite strolled along the busy sidewalks of metro Tokyo looking particularly handsome in a tight black muscle shirt and black trousers with his blazer tossed casually over his shoulder. He seemed aloof to the droves of drooling women eyeing him hungrily as he passed by. He was focused on getting to a certain shoppe he'd seen in passing once.
    He stopped in front of the quaint little store and examined the window contents. Bath oils and beads, lotions, fragrant soaps and aromatherapy products lined the window. This was it. He opened the door and was greeted by an almost magical air, filled with pleasing scents and calming music.
    "Welcome to Herbal Essences. We're glad to see you here on our opening day in Tokyo. Is there anything I can help you with?" The pretty salesgirl wasted no time in trying to solicit her assistance to this customer.
    Malachite smiled politely, causing the girl to swoon. "Yes, Chariz, I am looking for a complete aromatherapy kit that I can take home to my fiancé. I need something with a delicate scent that's not too overpowering but will relax and rejuvenate her."
    Chariz didn't seem at all phased at the mention of this perfect man's fiancé. "Of course. I have a few items I think will be just right for you." She led him to a corner of the store with baskets full of bottles and tins of stuff. "These are the most popular of our aromatherapy products. We have cool breeze, forest rain, calming oceans... tell me what your fiancé is like. Then we can get the perfect gift for her."
    Malachite's face went a degree softer and a twinkle sparked in his eyes. "She's the most wondrous creature I've ever laid eyes upon. She's kind of sweet and soft-spoken but, fiery and charismatic. Charming, elegant, sexy... she's... perfect."
    Chariz stared at him in awe and wonder. "I never thought a man was capable of such... feeling and emotion..." she blushed. "Umm... does she have a favorite sport or activity... a hobby?"
    "She's a swimmer. She loves the water."
    Chariz brightened. "Well then, I think she'll enjoy this." She reached up to retrieve a large basket. "It's a new fragrance called Hidden Mystique. It's a refreshing scent but it also is very calming and therapeutic. The basket includes shampoo, conditioner, a cleansing face mask, liquid bath, bath beads, bath salts, a cream based bath bar, body lotion, body creme, body smoother, powder, massage oil, body spray, body splash, body mist, a light cologne, moisturizing lip balm, five scented candles, twenty five incense sticks and a Reiki CD with two hours of calming mediation music, and, if you buy it today for the grand opening we throw in the bath loofa sponge, silk slippers the color of your liking and a ten dollar gift certificate for use on a future purchase."
    Malachite smelled the sample card she sprayed with the scent for him. It was perfect. "Alright. I'll take it."
    "Okay. I can ring it up now if you'd like or you can look around a little more..." Chariz headed to the counter to set the large basket down.
    "Sure. Give me a moment."
    As he walked around Chariz and her co-worker, Minh watched him.
    "God what I wouldn't give for a tall glass of him..." Minh whispered.
    "Too bad he's taken... I'd love to have those hands rub this massage oil on me." Chariz sighed. "Lucky girl..."

    Malachite decided to pick up a few different scented incense packets for love, peace and allure. He placed them on the counter smiling at the girls who smiled back adoringly. As Chariz rang up his purchases, his cell phone rang. "Pardon me," he said to them. "Hello?"
    "My darling what are you up to?" Ami's voice came.
    He brightened. "I'm actually buying something for you, sweetheart."
    "Really? Ooh! A new plaything! Let me guess. It's a... car?"
    He laughed "Ah-ah-ah. I won't tell."
    "Aww come on. Give baby a clue."
    "Nope. All I'll say is that you'll love what I have in store for you."
    "Oooh. Okay then. I'll be home.. sigh ..eventually. This work is unbelievable. I'm so tired."
    "Don't work too hard, now. I will see you tonight right?"
    "Nothing could keep me away, save God himself and even then, there's room for negotiation."
    He laughed again. "See you, sweetheart."
    "Adieu, mon amour."
    Malachite hung up and turned back to Chariz. "That was the lucky lady?"
    "Yeah. That was her. Working hard, poor thing."
    "I'm sure this will make her feel better."
    "Oh you have to say that to get my money," he joked. They laughed. "So what's the damage?"
    "Eighty nine dollars and ninety two cents."
    Malachite gave her his platinum card. "I didn't think it possible but I believe I'm beginning to spoil her." Chariz smiled and handed him a pen to sign the receipt. She gave him the yellow copy. "Thank you, Chariz. Have a nice day."
    "I will." Chariz and Minh watched him walk out and away.
    "He can spoil me any time." Chariz nodded in agreement.

*    *    *    *    *

        Ami wearily stumbled into the plush living room of Malachite's penthouse and flopped down on the couch quite out of character. She didn't even have the strength to find out where Malachite was hiding. She was nearly asleep when she felt a cool hand on her forehead. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled. "Ohayo..."
    He smiled slightly. "Are you alright, love?" He caressed her cheek.
    "Just tired." She closed her eyes and relished in his touch. "All I want is to go to bed but I have some work to do..."
    His thumb caressed her lips, causing her to stop talking. "Nonsense. You can't work like this. Besides, you'll never be able to focus." He leaned forward and kissed her gently. "And you forget, I have a present for you."
    Her eyes shot open, a broad smile on her face. "What is it? I want to see it now."
    He chuckled a little. "Okay. Come then." He lifted her off of the couch and carried her to the bathroom. He let her stand then began removing her clothes slowly, his eyes never leaving hers.
    "Umm--" she blushed a little. Amazingly she was still a bit shy with him at times. "I--- umm--"
    He let her blouse fall to the floor and pulled her towards him in an embrace. Then he un-buttoned the back of her skirt and slid the zipper down. It too fell to the floor.
    "I've noticed lately how stressed and tired you've been with school. So I thought I'd help you to relax. Today I went out and bought a stress relief kit." He busied his hands by removing his shirt and pants.
    "How thoughtful," Ami said, voice distant because of her weariness and her dreamy state that came on whenever she watched Malachite undress.
    "But that's not the gift. The gift is that I'm going to personally see to it that by the time we've sampled all of the contents of this kit, you will be completely relaxed. First," he pushed a button on the wall unit control panel. Mysteriously calming music wafted gently through the house. "Some music. Then we begin. Step one: removal of the clothing." He un-hooked her bra and dropped it on the floor with the other clothes. Then he slowly drew her panties down, stopping to lightly kiss below her navel. Ami giggled. When they were both completely bare he led her to the large roman tub in the center of the room.
    "Step Two: The Bath. I've added some Hidden Mystique bath salts to the warm water. First I'm going to wash your hair, then," he kissed her nose. "I'll wash you."
    "Sounds like a plan to me." She stepped in first, the warm water calming her instantly. He climbed in and sat behind her, first letting the water soak into their skin. Then he reached over and picked up the shampoo, squeezing a generous amount into his hands.
    "Lean back," he whispered making her shiver in spite of the warm spa bath. She did as he asked and he began gently massaging the soap into her hair, his fingertips applying subtle pressure to her scalp. It felt so good, Ami thought she'd fall asleep right there. "Good?" he asked.
    "Mm-hmm," she nodded, making a slight whimpering noise in her throat. She closed her eyes and let his fingers work their magic.
    She was disappointed when he took his hands away. He smiled in response to the faint whine she sounded off. He took the mobile shower head and turned it on so he could rinse the soap from her hair. This required her to lean all the way back into him, back arched slightly. He liked seeing her like that. She's spent some of their best orgasms in that very position...
    He made her sit up straight while he put in the conditioner then he began to let the water out until it reached a halfway mark so he could properly wash her.
    "Lay back and relax." She did so and he squeezed an ample amount of liquid bath on the bath puff. Then he moved over to her and started lathering her neck, shoulders, arms...
    She waited in anticipation for him to get to her breasts but he avoided them completely and went for her stomach and hips next. He slowly moved down the outside of her legs even slower, up the inside. He was just about to get to the flower between her legs when he stopped again. She scowled. He pretended not to notice. "Get on your knees and face away from me." His gentle tone made her bend to his every whim. He could have told her to jump from a speeding train and she'd do it.
    She did as he asked and he knelt behind her and began soaping her back. It seemed to take him forever to get to her ass but when he did, it was worth the wait. He'd discarded the sponge and kneaded her tender flesh in his powerful hands. "Oh" she cried out softly.
    "Good?" he asked, kneading harder. She simply nodded. His hands were gone again. But before she could protest, they were back with fresh soap to lather her breasts. She cried out even louder. Then when he finally touched her overly sensitive nipples she nearly wept. It all felt so good, and she was relaxed. She was however sensing the presence of another familiar sensation. It didn't help that as he rubbed her breasts, he rubbed himself up against her back, his manhood grazing her behind every now and then.
    Just when she thought she couldn't possibly take anymore, his hands were gone again, only to return to find their way to the delicate skin of her inner thighs. She cried again and snaked an arm back around his neck for support. "Is that good too, my love?" He whispered adding to her pleasure. "Is it very very good?"
    "Oh yes... yes..." He slid a finger from the front of her folds to the back. "Oh Yes!" she cried.
    He continued his "washing technique" until he felt the orgasm rising in her body. It took everything he had to pull his hands away from her.
    "Oh, Hell!" the curse was more pitiful than threatening. He put an arm around her waist and pulled her back down to sit between his legs, back to him as they had been before as the water refilled the tub. He passed his hands over her body, washing the soap from her skin.
    When she was squeaky clean he emptied the tub again and got out to dry himself off. She watched him and smiled foxily. "What's Step Three, Ai no Sensei?"
    He smiled at the name and wrapped a towel around his waist.
    "Step three is the full body massage with the Hidden Mystique Body Oil and finally a light rub down with gentle Hidden Mystique skin powder." He helped her out of the tub and proceeded to dry her off with a fluffy towel, trailing kisses along the way. When she was dry, he wrapped her in her silk robe and led her to the bedroom where he instructed her to remove the robe and lay on the bed, face down. He lit the incense and picked up the massage oil. He straddled her legs. "Ready?" he was whispering again. She shivered and nodded.
    He squirted the oil directly on her back making a line down her spine. It felt oddly satisfying. Then he began slowly massaging it into her back, applying mild pressure to work the knots of tension out of her back, neck and shoulders. She felt the oil drip on to her legs and exhaled luxuriously when he began massaging them. She found out that there were parts of her body that were highly erogenous that she hadn't know about before. Like her toes. When he started massaging her feet, she thought she'd go insane.
    But it was nothing compared to when she was finally instructed to turn over and he started on her ribcage, just below her breasts, torturing her so. He worked down to her flat tummy and skillfully avoided her flower again to finish her legs.
    She realized he'd left her behind unattended and was going to say so when he pulled her up, her body pressing against his. He kissed her and began kneading her buttocks as before. She moaned into his mouth. She reached up to play with his hair, something he very much enjoyed. He moaned back.
    He moved up her back again and down her shoulders to her hands. On his way back up she was sure he'd start on her breasts next, but she was wrong. He continued upward to her neck, gently massaging it.
    "You like torturing me?" she asked pulling away from his lips long enough to get the question out.
    "No..." he kissed her between words. "But It's so much more fun this way..."
    She smiled slightly, biting her lower lip in a way most desirable. She gently moved his hands down to her ultra sensitive globes of flesh. "I think it's more fun this way..." She claimed his lips again and he proceeded to pleasure her.
    "There's one place you haven't done yet..." Ami whispered eagerly.
    "Oh yes. I had a special idea for that." He left her delicious lips and picked up the massage oil once again. This time he applied it to his now surging member. Remaining on their knees, he entered her. She moaned loudly. They began slowly, moving together. She resumed pulling his hair which only excited him further. "God, Ami. That feels so good..."
    "Ooh, I found your weakness." Ami smiled.
    "You're my weakness..." He ran his hands through her own hair, ultra soft from the shampoo and conditioner. She smelled so good. Her skin was even softer than usual... He held her close and thrust into her trying his best to time his strokes.
    She pulled tighter, unable to control herself. She rested her head on his chest and held on for dear life.
    They tried to hold on for as long as they possibly could, but the fires soon consumed them. She breathed his name over and over again and he quickened his pace until the heart stopping climax broke over them. Ami took all of him in, his liquid heat fueling her desire. She pulled him to her for a bruising kiss and guided him down into a lying position. As she lay on his chest, listening to his heartbeats and recovering from her blinding orgasm, she wanted nothing more now than to sleep with him in her arms.
    "You know," he said softly after long moments. "I forgot the powder..."
    Ami crawled further up and nuzzled her head into the hollow of his neck. "Tomorrow, my love. You've relaxed me right into exhaustion. Just stay with me until the morning. Just-- like-- th..is..." She drifted off. Her breathing was soon steady and calm. He rugged her close and smiled, listening to the mysterious melody of the Hidden Mystique CD before he too fell asleep.

*    *    *    *    *

    "Gomen na sai about you mother, Yuriyen." Malachite looked sympathetically at his long-time personal assistant.
    "I'm just sorry to leave you, Kunzite-sama," the little woman sniffled, accepting a Kleenex from Malachite. "I have to go take care of my father, now that mother's gone. At least for awhile."
    "Of course, but I'd be lying if I said I'd be fine without you." The woman was the best of the best. The only secretary he'd had so far that could keep everything he had to do in order.
    "Well, you should know me better, Kunzite-sama. I wouldn't leave you up all alone. I've gotten a highly qualified replacement." She got up and opened the heavy oak door. In stepped a tall, stately blond with a figure to kill. Malachite stood, keeping his countenance professional and trying to ignore his screaming insides. The woman smiled and offered her hand.
    "Kunzite-sama, this is Zoe Tanaka. Zoe, owner of Keito Enterprises and your new boss, Malachite Kunzite."
    "A pleasure." Her voice was deep and rich, seductive. Her large smoky eyes rested on him.
    "Likewise. I hope you know you have a tough act to follow. I expect hard work and minimal flaws, but I'm sure Yuriyen has debriefed you already." He granted her a mild smile. He didn't want to get her too interested. She was a devil in a red dress for sure, and he could tell she'd make life interesting around the offices. At least she would be easy on the eyes...
    "Oh, definitely, sir. I'm gonna treat you so well, you'll never want to let me go." Her undertone wasn't lost on him. For a split moment he felt completely and totally drawn to this vixen of a secretary. He had to force the feeling down and think of Ami to focus.
    "We'll see. I expect you'll be in around 6 A.M. tomorrow... I won't be in until ten o' clock or so. Yuriyen can show you around." Yuriyen caught the dismissal and ushered Zoe out. She closed the door.
    "She's something, isn't she?" Yuriyen knew her boss well.
    Malachite exhaled slowly, confused at the attraction he had towards the woman. Since Ami, no one had ever effected him like that... "As long as she gets the job done..."
    Yuriyen smiled. "I don't think the job is the only thing that she wants to get done," Malachite gave her a look, a slight smile on his face.
    "Go on, Yuri," he said, addressing her affectionately. "I'll see you before you leave."
    Yuriyen smirked. "Yes sir." Her insinuating tone wasn't lost on him either.
    Malachite shook his head. At least she'd only be around for a short while... temptation was a bitch, and not something he submitted to easily.

    So why did he already feel his emotional walls crumbling?

*    *    *    *    * To Be Continued *    *    *    *    *