Malachite stirred. His eyes slowly opened. Where was he? He tried to get up but a sharp pain in his side stopped him. He bit back a scream.
    From his position on the ground he could only see darkness, but an erie kind of darkness. Like it was illuminated with an internal light that was constantly consumed and reborn. And it was cold... he was certain he had never been here before, wherever "here"
was. So why did it all seem so familiar?
    Finally he forced himself up, ignoring the pain and began walking; towards what, he didn't know.
    Then he saw something that made his heart stop.

    There was Ami, chained to a wall with bars around her, seemingly unscathed, but an ominous look in her eyes.

    "Ami!" he cried and ran to her. She stared ahead blankly, unblinking. "Ami.. AMI!" he called with building anxiety. She remained silent. He reached in between the bars to touch her. Her skin was ice cold. His heart broke. She couldn't be dead could she? How did they get here? What had happened?

    Then he remembered. Right after he'd proposed, she vanished and Jadeite appeared... now they were here.
    "What has he done to you?" he whispered, tears springing to his eyes, and he rarely cried. "Ami! Ami speak to me!"
    From inside her dead shell, Ami screamed. She was sure she was going insane. "Malachite! Oh, God Malachite! I'm here! Please... oh, please... help me..."
    Malachite saw the single tear fall from her empty eyes. "Ami... you're in there? You're alive? Oh, Ami. what's the matter. What did they do? How do I help you?"

    "You don't."

    Malachite stiffened, blood running cold. Instantly he remembered every bit of his past. He remembered this place, he remembered vividly all that Ami told him had happened. But most of all, he remembered that voice.
    He turned around slowly, and his fear was confirmed.
    "Beryl," he said flatly.
    She smiled and sauntered over to him, a seductive look in her eyes. It made him sick like it had before. But before, she had control over him, so he submitted to her every whim. She was still beautiful, but he didn't want her. She never did accept that. So she spelled him into "loving" her. She knew he never really did, but it was enough, and he figured, what the hell? He liked the power.
    He didn't expect to see her again. Death was a blessing. An escape from her fucked up world. And when he was granted the opportunity to come back, he vowed to start fresh, to lead a good life to make good on his mistakes. Then he met Ami and life was perfect. Now she was back to fuck his life up again...

    "Why so quiet? Happy to see me?" Beryl sat in her throne, legs crossed allowing him a peek up her dress, as the splits cascaded dangerously.
    Malachite truly didn't know what to say. He was angry, concerned about Ami, confused...
    "Why did you bring me back here?" he asked. "I don't have any power for you to take. I'm human now."
    "You can have that power again. You can be my most powerful general once again, and we'll have the world at our feet. Isn't that what you always wanted?"
    "That was before. My life has changed and I don't want to have anything to do with you." He stared coldly at her.
    Beryl raised an eyebrow. She made a small, amused sound and smirked. "Do you really enjoy this... pathetic human existence? This laughable impotence you now have in the world? And that," she gestured towards Ami. "What the FUCK was that all about?"
    "What the hell do you mean?" He asked defensively.
    Beryl got up and stood in front of him. "Was she the best you could do? Not only a pathetic human but a sailor -brat? I believe you coined that phrase, or don't you remember anything, you spineless excuse of a human?" She paused. "It's not you I hate, but what they've made you. You used to be so much more... but not to worry. You'll be back to normal in no time."
    "By normal, do you mean the heartless shell you made me? Without feeling or a mind of my own? The robot you made me to do your every bidding? The man you had to brainwash to get in bed with you?" Malachite threw the words at her.
    "It wouldn't be wise to make me angry, Malachite. Besides, it's from that sex that you received more power. It was my power." She glanced at Ami. "You forget, I have control over your little fuck puppet over there. Not that it matters. She doesn't love you anymore, so you may as well come back to me."
    "Bullshit, Beryl. You get what you want by manipulating the souls from which you steal. I may not have your kind of power, but nothing can change the power of love Ami and I share."
    "Really?" Beryl snapped her fingers. Jadeite entered. Malachite started after him but stopped, remembering what had happened the last time he did that. "It's interesting that you say that, because while you were unconscious, Ami and Jadeite got to know each other a little better. I think she likes him..." Jadeite released Ami and kissed her fiercely. Inside Ami screamed. But she couldn't make her body react. What did they do to her? What was it that held her prisoner like this? Then she remembered the ring. She still had it on. If beryl were so jealous of her, she'd have removed it from the earliest possible moment. And yet she let it remain. Ami had to get the ring off!
    Malachite was enraged. He stormed over to the two and ripped Jadeite off of Ami. Jadeite laughed. "Ami! Wake up! What is it? How did they do this to you?" He stared directly into her eyes, hoping for a response.
    "I'm afraid she's going to be all but yielding to your inquiries, Malachite. So here's the deal. If you cross back over to our side, I'll let her go. You'll stay here with me forever and never see her again. Or, you'll watch us kill her, slowly and decide then if you'd like to be on our side. If you choose the former, she'll at least live..."
    Malachite still searched her eyes. They moved slightly. Like she was looking down... He discreetly looked in the direction her eyes went and his eyes landed on the ring. That must have been it. But removing it wouldn't help them now. They'd both only be at the mercy of Beryl... He looked back into Ami's eyes and hoped she understood his look
    "Trust me..."
    Ami understood, but didn't know what he was planning.
    Malachite turned to Beryl, hoping his plan would work. He hoped Ami would forgive him...
    "Can we be alone?" he asked. Beryl gave him a suspicious look. "Please. And I don't want her touched until we return."
    "Alright." Beryl returned Ami to her jail and led Malachite out. Jadeite stood , watching them angrily. "Prepare for Malachite's return," Beryl told him as she passed.
    "Of course, my queen." He left Ami alone and decided to get rid of Malachite as soon as possible. He was so angry that Beryl mad him do all of that work only to get the man he hated back, just to sleep with him as often as she pleased. He'd show her that he was the only one for her...

    Beryl watched Malachite quizzically. "What do you want to talk about?"
    Malachite took a deep breath and prayed that this would work. He turned to her, his most seductive look on his face. "I don't want to talk. I want you to convince me... remind me of what I'm coming back to." He was close to her now and ran his hand down her side.
    She turned to butter just as he'd anticipated. "I've wanted to do this for so long. I'll show you that that sailor bitch has nothing on me." She claimed his lips, and he forced himself to fake desire. He tried to imagine Ami in her place. It worked well enough to trick Beryl.
    He pushed her down on the floor, remembering her love for being dominated. He slowly removed his clothes, making her hotter with every bit of exposed flesh. By the time he was completely naked, she was panting. He smirked. "You like what you see?"
    "Even more than the last time I saw it." She lunged for his cock, taking it into her mouth. His concentration wavered. It had been a long time since he'd had this done for him... Ami never did this. And it felt so good...
    'No, Malachite,' he said to himself. 'That's the spell talking. Fight that.' he pushed the overwhelming feeling down and concentrated on fucking the brains out of Beryl. If he could do that and remain uninfluenced, he could use the power he got from screwing her and fight her. then he'd free Ami and be so out of there...
    When he came, Beryl swallowed all of him and slowly drew him out of her mouth, giving him a sexy look.
    "Did you like that? Do you want more?" she asked.
    He looked at her and pushed her down roughly. Then he ripped off her dress and forced himself to continue. 'Please forgive me Ami,' he thought as he plunged into her. Beryl moaned loudly, arching her back. Malachite felt the power rushing into him. All he had to do was hold on a little longer. If her got her to an explosive orgasm, he'd get enough power to do what he had to do. He thought of Ami, her body, the noises she made, he nails in his back... His thoughts drowned out Beryl's screams and she soon came, and came and came...
    It took all he had not to come with her. That would be the end of him.
    Finally, Beryl was knocked out. He pulled out of her and stood, leaving her on the floor. "Good-bye, bitch," he said coldly and put his clothes back on.
    When he returned to the room Ami was in, he froze. She was on her back, getting the same treatment from Jadeite that Malachite had given to Beryl. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER!!!" he screamed. The energy of his rage materialized into a black orb that struck Jadeite, causing him to fall off of Ami.
    Malachite rushed over and slipped Ami's dress back on. Before he could remove the ring, Jadeite struck back with magic of his own.
    Malachite screamed in pain and Ami fell to the floor, limp. Inside she cried, traumatized form the terrible things Jadeite had done to her.
    "Beryl only wanted me to bring you back so you could fuck her. You don't love her. I love her! Now, you'll pay. I'll kill you. Then she'll have to love me!"
    "You always were an idiot, Jadeite. If you kill me she'll only hat you more than she already does. Besides, she doesn't need you anymore. You've done all you can for her. Now, she'll kill you herself."
    "YOU LIE!" Red power surged at him. Malachite vanished.
    "What the..." Jadeite said. "You have... power..."
    "Yes, little man. I have power again. And I'll have the pleasure of punishing you for what you've done." Jadeite turned to see the source of the voice, but saw nothing. Then he felt as if his mind was being torn apart. Malachite was inside of him, and feeding off of his minuscule amount of power. When it was gone, Jadeite would die.
    "It's a shame you had to learn the hard way, Jadeite."
    "NOOOO!" Jadeite screamed. He ran around the place, holding his head in agony. Ami watched his crazed journey from within her prison. How had Malachite gotten that dark power back?
    Jadeite stopped and screamed once more before exploding. Malachite stood where Jadeite last existed. He ran over to Ami and took the ring from her finger. Her body was still for a moment while the warmth rushed back to her. Then she gasped, taking air back into her lungs.
    "Malachite!" She flung her arms about him. He held her tightly.
    "Oh, Ami.."
    His grip got tighter... a little too tight... Ami felt her ribs aching. Something was wrong!
    He'd tried to keep it from taking him over, but he wasn't strong enough. It was seeping into his being now.
    "Ami screamed. "Malachite! You're hurting me!!" Somehow she squirmed away.
    Beryl laughed. Ami turned to her. She wore a loose silky robe and she'd obviously just been engaged in... Ami looked at Malachite. He was theirs now. His eyes no longer held that internal light but the same consuming darkness the negaverse was made of. He joined Beryl and they kissed deeply. Ami remembered what Beryl said about how he gained power through sleeping with her. Was that it? He decided to cross over? Tears sprang to her eyes. He loved Beryl now...
    "Yes, bitch, he loves me. He's mine."
    Ami's heart broke a million times. This couldn't be happening. He wanted her to trust him? And this is what came of it? So why did he take off the ring? Easy, she thought. So she'd have to see this. So she could feel this pain.
    He more confident side spoke up. He must have done it to save you, it said. He sacrificed himself for you. At least try to save him before you give up!!
    "Okay, then. Let me go." Ami stared at Beryl, tears running down her face. "You got what you wanted! Set me free!"
    "It's not that easy. I also want you dead for taking him from me." Beryl left Malachite, who stood lifeless, and walked over to Ami. "Aren't you going to fight me?"
    "No." Beryl was a little surprised by the response. "Why bother? I won't win alone. So you can kill me. Living without him will be worse than death anyway. But know this, he loved me without spells or magic or trickery. You'll never have that. And that is enough for me. That man you have there, he's not the man I love. He's already dead. He died when you took him. That's simply the shell of the man I love. You'll never get him. You'll never have what I had. And that kills you, doesn't it?"
    Beryl became angry. "How dare you?!" She attempted to hit her with her magic. Nothing came from her outstretched hand.
    Ami smiled. "Oh yes, you forgot. He has your power... It will take you a while to recover from that orgasm. Trust me, I know."
    Beryl was shocked. She looked back at Malachite and screamed, "Kill her!"
    Malachite came at her. She waited until she had an opening and slipped the ring on his finger. He stopped. He was in her power now. "Give me the power." She kissed him and felt the power surge into her. Malachite collapsed on top of her. The sudden loss of power had tapped his life force. He was barely hanging on.
    "You don't know how to handle that power," Beryl warned, desperately. Ami gently laid Malachite down and slowly stalked toward Beryl. "You'll kill him too if you release it."
    Ami stopped. What if Beryl was right? She had to take the chance. If Beryl survived, she'd cause the universe trouble again. It was her duty as a scout to destroy her... She thought quickly. If she transformed into Sailor Mercury, she might be able to do this without killing Malachite. Would it work?
    She slowly put her hand in the air and prayed that a miracle would happen. She didn't have her pen, so it was almost impossible... but she had no choice.
    For a while nothing happened. Beryl began to laugh. Then a beam of blue light came from Ami's chest. She began to float. The dark magic melted from her body and she was illuminated with Mercury's light. It was her own life force. The place began to crumble. Beryl screamed.
    The blue light healed all it touched and destroyed all evil in it's path. Malachite awoke, human again, when it washed over him. He shakily got up and saw Ami in the air, her life slowly draining out to save him and destroy this place.
    "AMI!!" he screamed over the noise. She couldn't hear him. She was slowly dying...
    Malachite knew she was almost gone. He tried to get to her but was encircled in a bubble that carried him away. He watched the crumbling evil before him shrink as he traveled further and further away. He continued to scream her name but ti was in vain.
    Ami's body jerked one last time before the light receded only to explode again, killing everything in it's path.
    Malachite watched as the blue light consumed everything. Ami was gone.
    He remained silent for a long time. He didn't cry, he didn't speak. He felt as though his heart had been ripped out. He was in shock. His Ami was gone. She killed herself for him...
    The air in the bubble became thick... he became sleepy... Soon he was knocked out.

*    *    *    *    *

    Malachite sat on the back patio of the villa, looking out on the ocean. The same ocean she'd walked with him along only days ago.
    He couldn't cry anymore. He was empty. She was his life and when she died, he died too.
    He looked at the ring.
    It was all he had now.
    The night he'd come back, he searched for her, but found nothing. It was hard to sleep in the bad they shared. He scent still lingered in the room.
    He hadn't even made plans to return home. Why bother? The life was meaningless unless she was with him. He'd just stay here until he died...
    He listened to the surf crashing. It almost sounded like her laughter. It was too much for him. He got up to go back inside, but something stopped him. He thought he heard someone call his name. It was as subtle as the wind but he was sure he heard it.
    He stepped onto the sand.
    There it was! He was certain of it that time. It seemed to be coming from... the water...
    He walked to the edge of the water and looked out... something was slowly coming towards him.
    He squinted to see it. Then he gasped. It was... it was... her.
    Ami emerged more and more from the water as she neared him. His eyes were fixed on her. Her eyes never left his. She wanted to run up to him and hug him, kiss him, tell him everything was okay. She felt terrible watching him from above while he suffered, but she wasn't strong enough to return yet. Now she would take her time. She wanted to remember this forever.
    She was only inches from him. Tears fell from her eyes. She smiled.
    "Ami... it is really you?" he whispered. She nodded. He wiped the tears from her face, feeling her skin. It felt wonderful to touch again. She closed her eyes and relished the feeling.
    Malachite's heart felt like it was going to burst. He slowly drew her to him for a soft kiss. They parted and looked into each other's eyes. Then the reality of it sank in. He held her close, protectively. "I'm so sorry.. so very sorry.." he cried into her hair.
    Ami held him tight. "There's nothing to be sorry for... I Iove you, Malachite."
    He looked at her and they smiled happily. "I love you too." They kissed. He lifted her up and spun her around. She laughed.
    "I've missed that laugh. I thought I'd never hear it again."
    She looked up at him. "We have the rest of our lives to spend together now. I'll never leave you."
    "You'll still marry me then?"
    "Of course I will."
    They kissed again and Malachite slipped the ring on her finger. This time the only feeling that came over her was pure love. She held him close and never intended to let go.