"So... they're in Brazil, are they?" Beryl looked into her magical orb at the couple walking happily along the white sand beach. "I knew that day when they came into my tea house they looked familiar but because of the shield put on those returned to the real world, none of us could see it. Except her. Little blue haired bitch..."
    Jadeite stood behind his queen. He smirked evilly. Now he was the head general and Malachite was the target. It felt good to plot against the man he'd always envied and hated. If he did a good job on the new assignment Beryl had given him to destroy the couple, maybe she'd see how much he loved her and would give him a chance...
    "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!!" Beryl screeched. Jadeite jumped.
    "Yes, my queen."
    "Good. Now I want you to go and fetch the two lovebirds for me and bring them here. The task shouldn't be too difficult for a marshmallow head such as yourself..."
    Jadeite scowled. "Of course not, your majesty." He vanished.
    Beryl smiled to herself. "Yes... and once they're here, I'll kill that little wench and take my precious Malachite for myself. I already lost Prince Darien to that blonde bimbo, I won't lose this time." She laughed. "Oh, Malachite. I'll make you remember. How it felt deep inside me..." she slid a finger into her pussy. "You'll remember everything and I'll have you back under my spell. And you'll forget all about that little whore, Ami. I guarantee it."

*    *    *    *    *

    "Oh, Malachite. It's lovely here. I never imagined beaches could look like this." Ami sighed looking out on the ocean and the perfect moonrise. Malachite smiled at her admiring her amazement along with her figure in the two piece blue swimsuit she wore, sarong tied loosely at her hip. He put a hand in the pocket of his khaki pants and snaked the other arm around her tiny waist.
    "This is great but, you haven't seen anything yet.  I think my all time favorite place that I've been to would have to be... Palermo, Sicily. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Well' besides between your thighs..."
    Ami blushed and smiled slyly. "It's been a while since you've visited. what is it now... A whole day?! How awful. The natives are beginning to feel neglected." She grinned up at him.
    "Well then," his handsome face took on a sexy look. "We'll have to make peace." He kissed her deeply, his tall frame bending slightly to accommodate for her lack of height.
    "Shouldn't we go inside..." she mumble through his kisses.
    "I think right here in the sand is as good a place as any..." He nibbled her earlobe and gently pulled her down to the sand.
    "OOOhhhh..." she moaned when the tide rushed over them and he kissed his way down her body. "What if someone sees us?"
    "I don't care. Let them watch. The men will be jealous because they'll never make you do the things I can make you do and the women will wish they could feel it like you do." He claimed her mouth again, holding her arms over her head. When the tide pulled away she shivered and he saw her nipples stretching against the fabric of her top. "Looks a little crowded in there."
    "Yes," she breathed. "Just a little too tight there. Can you help me out?"
    He nipped at the hardened tips of her breasts until she squirmed against him then removed the top, tossing it to the safety of the sand.
    Then he slowly drew a stiff aureole onto his mouth. She let out a ragged, "thank you."
    He alternated between giving each breast attention before drawing away. "What's the matter?" she asked opening her eyes.
    "You seem to be soaking your bikini bottoms..."
    "How can you tell?" she asked.
    "Oh," he leaned to her ear. "I know the difference between salt water and your delicious honey." He lightly licked her jawbone.
    "Before you investigate that any further, you should really take off that shirt."
    "You think so?" he asked.
    "Oh, yeah. Fine silk like that shouldn't be exposed to saltwater..." they got up on their knees and she peeled the already ruined shirt off of him and tossed it next to her bikini top. "That's more like it." She kissed his chest, running her tongue over his equally sensitive nipples.
    "You know..." she started, then lightly nipped at his tight abs.
    "Yes?" came the tortured reply.
    "I'm thinkin' you ought to lose the pants too."
    "You know best..."
    Soon they were rolling in the surf wearing nothing but their soaked underwear.
    "I'm about ready for some honey now..." Malachite smiled at the beauty in his arms. Ami smiled.
    He spread her legs and place each leg over either of his shoulders. He slid his hands up her hips and hooked the sides of the thin, filmy panties and slowly drew them down, throwing them in the pile with the other clothes. The warm tide drew another sensuous moan from her when it touched her forbidden flower.
    "I'm beginning to get jealous of the water. It seems to be giving you a lot of pleasure..." he joked.
    "Well I am Mizuno Ami, the friend of water. I cant help it."
    "Well, let's see if I can't get your attention back." He kissed her flat tummy and slowly proceeded downward. When he reached her center, he just barely trailed his tongue over her folds, but the sensation was enough to rip a scream from her. Truth was, the presence of the water only seemed to heighten her sensitivity. this didn't go unnoticed to Malachite who made a mental note to try to get her into some water before they made love again.
    He brought her to three earthshaking orgasms before stopping. Ami was worn out. She faintly realized that she was kissing him again. She weakly put her arms around him. "That was the best..." she whispered.
    "I think everyone on the beach felt that last one, sweetheart." They smiled and resumed kissing.
    Eventually, Ami started pushing her hips up to Mal's. The feeling of his surging erection was becoming too much for either of them. Ami's hand slowly went down to his tight ass and she started pushing him toward her.
    "Are you ready so soon? I think I like this whole water atmosphere."
    "I can't wait any longer," Ami sounded pained. She peeled off the last stitch of clothing he wore and stroked his length slowly. "You seem to be reacting to this water too, baby. I don't know if I can take all of this." Before he could say anything she drew him closer. "But I'm going to try." She claimed his lips and helped him guide himself into her. She moaned hoarsely. he felt so much bigger, longer, stronger...
    "Oh my God, Malachite..." she said almost reverently.
    "Ami... oh yes, my Amy..." he said over and over.
    They enjoyed an ample amount of slow, luxurious lovemaking before Ami lost control. He felt her internal muscles massaging him harder and harder...
    "Come when it feels right, my sweet," he said sensing she was waiting for him.
    "I... want to wait... for you... Can you... imagine... how good that will... feel... with the water... and everything..." Ami panted trying her best to concentrate on waiting for him.
    The thought itself sent him closer and he kissed her neck in reply.
    Then they felt it. The building sensation that told them that they only had seconds to go, that there was no turning back now.
    Ami bit her lower lip to keep herself from screaming, she still felt a bit self conscious. Malachite stopped her by kissing her and releasing her lips just as he administered a final thrust that broke all concentration.
    Ami didn't know how long or how loudly she screamed but she was acutely hoarse afterwards.
    For a while they laid in the sand just holding one another.
    "That was... incredible," Ami whispered. Malachite continued planting soft kisses on her neck. "I didn't know my element would cause me to react like that..."
    Malachite laughed quietly. "I'd say it brought out the best in you."

    Beryl watched angrily from her throne room. She almost picked up the orb and tossed it against the wall but stopped herself. Instead she gripped it harshly and screamed into it as if she expected Ami to hear her. "You little BITCH!!! How dare you have him do that to you? What spell have you over him that would make him react as such? Even I couldn't get that out of him! Once maybe, but you get FOUR orgasms?! I swear I'll kill you... but not before I learn your secret." She put the orb on the table. "Jadeite had better not foul this up. It was hard enough coming back from the dead once. I don't know if I'll have the power to do it again. Bringing that infidel with me took  more energy that I thought it would." She looked back into the orb at the two gathering their clothes and heading back to their beach side villa. "Jadeite won't fail me. He wants me and wants to kill Malachite too badly to do that." She laughed cruelly.

*    *    *    *    *


    Jadeite followed the couple on the busy Rio de Janeiro strip. there were so many people about that he didn't have to work hard to remain concealed. He'd been on their trail ever since they emerged from their villa that morning. He'd taken extra precautions and disguised himself as an average height, brunette woman. The last thing he needed was Ami recognizing him and pulling that bubble shit on him.
    He followed them into a restaurant and took the booth behind them.
    "Where were you this morning, baby? You don't know how depressed I was when i woke up alone in bed. You shouldn't do those things to me. It's traumatic," he heard Ami say. He rolled his eyes. How sappy could these pathetic humans get?
    "I had to go buy some... new boxers. I ruined almost everything I had on last night. but it was worth it." He kissed her sweetly. Jadeite almost gagged. To hear Malachite carrying on like a human in love was enough to make him sick. True, he hated him before but he still reserved a certain amount of respect for him. That was gone now...
    Jadeite smiled. He knew where Malachite had been. He was buying an engagement ring for the little whore. It was very nice and very expensive. And very cursed. He grinned sipping his wine. Once he put that on her, she'd belong to the negaverse, and Malachite would have to come get her if he wanted her back. And of course he'd never get her. He was human and had no power. Or if he did, he'd forgotten how to use them. Beryl would kill the girl, Jadeite would kill Malachite, and he and Beryl would live happily ever after.
    He was so involved in his own thoughts that he didn't notice that they'd paid and left. He hurried out of the restaurant, not paying for the $300 bottle of Chardonnay, and tried to catch up with them. He finally found them walking along the beach. Malachite seemed to be taking her to a secluded cove. jadeite smiled and laughed.
    "Good. Make my job easier. No one will hear their screams."

    "This is lovely, Malachite." Ami looked around the secluded little cove he'd brought her to. "And quiet... and private... no one would hear me scream." She smiled slyly.
    Malachite laughed. "You little fox. Is that all you want from me?"
    "Oh, no... I want your money too." They laughed.
    "Well before you get either, I have to ask you something." They sat on a fallen palm tree. "I know it's only been about three months since we met, but we've been through a lot. I feel like I've known you forever. And I know I don't want to be with anyone else. I love you, Ami."
    "I love you too, Malachite." Ami's heart was beating wildly. Was he going to do what she thought he was?
    "I know you have school, but I'll wait forever for you. I only ask that when you finish school, you promise me this." He pulled out the ring and Ami put her hands over her mouth, eyes wide. She looked at the dainty platinum ring with small diamonds and sapphires swirling into a design. "That you'll marry me."
    Ami looked from the ring to Malachite, tears springing from her eyes. "Like I said, I know you have to finish school and it's only been three months..." he stumbled nervously.
    Ami hugged him close and cried into his shoulder. "Oh stop! I'd marry you yesterday! I love you."
    Malachite smiled and returned the hug. "I'd marry you yesterday too, my love." He took her left hand and slid the ring on it. They kissed.
    Then Ami got a pain in her heart. She doubled over. Malachite was instantly on his guard. "Ami?" he asked alarmed. Ami only groaned. "Ami?!"
    She screamed and fell to the ground , writhing in pain. Malachite was instantly at her side. He held her. "AMI?! WHAT'S WRONG?!" Then with a final scream, she disappeared.
    Malachite turned around when he heard someone laughing. "We finally meet again, Malachite, or is it 'High Youma Kunzite'? I hated being forced to call you that," Jadeite spat.
    "Jadeite!" pieces of Malachite's memory came back. He lunged for the other man. Jadeite put up his hand and Malachite slammed against an invisible wall. Jadeite laughed.
    "Pitiful human." He walked over to him and kicked him in the stomach. Malachite coiled in pain. "If you want the little slut back, follow me. If not, she dies... Well, she'll die anyway but it'll be fun to watch you try to get her back." Jadeite turned and conjured up a porthole. He used his chi to pick Malachite's body up and flung it into the porthole then followed, the porthole vanishing behind them.

*    *    *    *    *

    Beryl watched the scene and smiled. "I underestimated that Jadeite. It will be a shame to kill him, but once I have Malachite back to his old self, I wont need him." She turned to look at the chained up Ami. She didn't struggle because the ring had it's power over her. When Malachite arrived, she wouldn't even recognize him. It would only make it easier for him to cross back over. Then Beryl would take the ring off and have him kill her. She smiled at the zombie shell that was now Ami. "Don't take it too hard, slut. You've had your fun. Now he's coming back home, that's all." Beryl slapped her hard. "I wish I could kill you now but... that would make for a boring death, don't you think?" She left Ami alone in the room.
    Ami was under the control of the ring. But not completely. "Ami what's wrong with you?" a faint voice asked in her head. "Wake up!" It yelled, but she was too far gone. "Wake up or you'll die!"

*    *    *    *    *
To Be Continued...