Return of the Silver Rose

Mizuno Ami sat at the window of her new penthouse. College was a new phase in her life and along with it came some changes. A new school, a new home, a new life. At least she was still in Tokyo.

But sitting at her window was not out of contentment with her new life but a feeling of loneliness, a void. She still had her friends Serena, Rei, Lita, and Mina, but college didn’t offer much extra time to see them as often as she’d like. Her work could only keep her company for so long.

A single tear rolled down her wheat colored cheek. Her blue eyes shimmered with tears to come and her pink lips formed a distinct frown.

She’d never wanted for anything in her life. Her parents loved her endlessly; she was economically well off and brilliant in her studies…. She was always pretty, but, before now, it was never something she concentrated on beyond natural care and hygiene.

Now at the ripe age of nineteen she had finally come into full bloom. Her dark sapphire colored hair was cut short in a modern up to the minute style; she’d gotten a might taller; she had a wonderful figure thanks to her swimming and it all came together under a brilliant mind and lovely personality.

Then why was she alone?

She admitted that since her leave from the Inners and their everyday action, she hadn’t had much else on her mind but school and now…love, or at least companionship.

She hadn’t had much in the way of a boyfriend in the past five years. Her last "boyfriend" didn’t admit he liked her until the last time she saw him and she never saw him again.

She had secretly fallen in love since then though.

Oh yes, she did have someone in mind.

He was one of the people she fought against to protect her kingdom. He was strong, powerful and endlessly handsome. But he was pure evil.

So why did she want him so badly? Even now, five years later, she still felt the burning desire for him.

He died brutally. And even though a considerable amount of the Inners’ nemeses came back to life as honest and good human beings ready for a new life, he wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

Her alarm brought her back to her window.

"Three o’clock! I’ve got to be in my Data Structures and Algorithms class in twenty minutes! Here I am dreaming away my long awaited college days!" Ami scolded herself and quickly decided on an outfit to wear.

One thing she loved about college was the liberty to wear what one wished. She didn’t miss those sailor outfits one bit.

After deciding on a three-quarter sleeve dress shirt and a pair of black cotton slacks and platform Mary- Jane’s, Ami grabbed her purse, backpack and a granola bar and left.

She hurried to catch the tube and slid her Metro Card through while boring through the turnstile.

In he haste to make the train, she didn’t notice that the car she was headed for was practically full. She had to squeeze into a spot.

Eventually the car emptied out and she could breathe. As she hung on to the handgrips attached to the ceiling provided for those standing, she sighed.

"Would you like to have my seat, miss?" a deep and strangely familiar voice came from behind her.

She turned and upon meeting her inquirer, widened her eyes. It wasn’t…it couldn’t be...

"Miss?" He smiled slightly and stood up in front of her. He was about six feet tall and had long silver-white hair. It was gorgeous like the rest of him. His eyes sparkled with an illuminating light. They weren’t an exact color….

He wore a sleek and expensive looking gray suit and looked as though he may have been some multi-millionaire owner of a successful enterprise.

"Thank you," the words found their way to her throat and emerged almost huskily.

"You’re welcome." He smiled again and Ami’s heart melted. It had to be him! He’d returned on good behavior and was living an honest life as a citizen of Tokyo.

But he didn’t seem to remember her…well it had been five or six years…

By now more seats were empty and the man slid in to the seat next to her. His cologne made her head spin. She closed her eyes and swooned.

"Are you all right, miss?" He gently touched her shoulder out of concern.

Ami’s eyes fluttered open. She didn’t realize she’d just quietly passed out. She met his eyes filled with concern.

"Yes. I just…get…a bit of motion sickness now and again."

"I see. Perhaps then you should ride the bus instead of the tube?" Ami thought he was being sarcastic but saw the playfulness in his eyes and softened.

"Perhaps," she flirted.

"I don’t usually catch the tube. But I was in a hurry today and I didn’t want to have to battle the traffic. What’s your excuse miss…?" He smiled slightly.

"It’s Ami, Mizuno Ami. I have to take this for school. But only when I’m already late. Usually I bike it. You…have a car…. Mister…" Ami wasn’t used to flirting. She wondered if he would continue. She couldn’t deduce his age from his appearance. He just looked devastatingly handsome and impossible to classify in any age group.

"Malachite. No mister needed…at least from you, Ami." He smiled and she felt the blood rising to her cheeks. "So you’re in school. Which one?"

"Tokyo University of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I’m majoring in computer technology."

"Well that’s impressive. Perhaps you could tell me more about it. Say, over dinner. Say, tonight. Say eight o ‘clock…." Malachite smiled and Ami’s blush deepened. When she hesitated he took her hand. "Say yes, Mizuno Ami."

She giggled. "All right," she gave him her phone number. Her stop was next.

"I’ll call you around seven so we can plan." Malachite patted the pocket of his blazer where her number was.

"That’s fine…. I’ll be waiting." She had flirted again. Little did he know exactly how long she’d been waiting?

"Bye, Mizuno Ami," Malachite called as she got off the train.

As the train zoomed away again she couldn’t help smiling! He was back! And she had a date with him!

* * * * *

"So I’ll pick you up for dinner at 8:00. Then we’ll take in a garden symphony." Malachite’s voice sent Ami’s heart racing, even over the phone.

"That sounds delightful. How should I dress?"

"Formal attire is appropriate…unless you want to rebellious and wear torn jeans and Pokémon T-shirts," Malachite suggested playfully. Ami laughed.

"No, formal is good. I’ll see you at eight. Remember: Penthouse A, floor fifteen."

"Eight o’clock. Until then, Ami." Malachite hung up with that leaving Ami with a seduced feeling. And she liked it.

At seven fifty five Ami was giving herself a final mirror check.

Her hair was expertly blow-dried into place with a few small diamond clips holding the few rebellious strands into place. Her makeup was natural, yet glowing and she had a deep berry lipstick on to accentuate her eyes and her dress.

She wore a long Chinese style dress with the traditional double-breasted fold near her right shoulder. There were no sleeves and the black material was trimmed in silver. There was a prominent and sexy slit up her right thigh and dainty flowers near the slit’s hem. Her sandals were simple black suede heels, three inches high. An elegant bezel set diamond necklace graced her neckline and a tiny diamond ring sparkled on her right ring finger.

She chose a light but alluring fragrance, Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

Satisfied with her appearance she left her main powder room and went to wait in the living room.

Promptly at eight o’clock the doorbell rang.

"I adore punctuality," Ami thought.

When she opened the door her heart leapt. There in her doorway stood the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. Malachite felt as if he was seeing a goddess, himself. They stood there taking each other in for a moment.

He wore a black suit with a black satin shirt and tie. He looked so exquisite. In his hand was a single rose, almost seemingly not of this world. But then, so was he.

"You look absolutely magnificent," Malachite breathed. He smiled and handed Ami the rose.

"Thank you." Ami blushed. "You look even more handsome than I remembered." Ami was surprised at how freely she spoke around Malachite.

Shall we go?" He offered his arm and she took it locking the door behind them.

Malachite swept Ami off of her feet. They met his personal stretch limousine outside that whisked them off to an exclusive, member-only restaurant in the upper class part of downtown where they enjoyed and intimate night of conversation and French cuisine.

After their five-course meal accompanied by gentle indoor waterfalls and violin music, Malachite whisked her to a private garden party. Important business people, entrepreneurs, brokers, physicians, and government officials were in attendance to enjoy an evening of music. Malachite introduced Ami to all of his friends and they were highly impressed to know that a college freshman could be so vastly intelligent.

"What will the symphony be playing?" Ami asked Malachite as the lights dimmed.

"They will feature Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Handel, focusing on their most popular symphonies." Malachite whispered. The feeling of his warm breath in her ear sent waves of pleasure through her body. If she showed it, she didn’t know. She also didn’t realize that she had the same effect on him.

"Oh how lovely," she sighed contentedly. At her evening, her surroundings, or her company, she knew not. Perhaps a combination of them all.

Somewhere during a romantic Bach overture, Malachite took Ami’s trembling hand tentatively. He didn’t know why he was so drawn to her. He felt as if he already knew her. Perhaps he had even once loved her. He just couldn’t remember…

Ami reveled in the gentleness of his touch and couldn’t believe he was the same man she had helped vanquish years ago. She hated to admit it to herself. More than likely he didn’t remember anything. But she still felt awful. She also felt an undying urge to feel his lips against hers. To feel their souls melt into one…

On the drive back to her penthouse, they talked much like they did all evening when possible. They had a lot in common and enjoyed just being together. Ami’s heart sank as they arrived at her building.

"I’ll walk you up," Malachite offered as his chauffeur held the door open for them.

"Thank you," Ami smiled.

They went upstairs silently and walked to Ami’s door in silence. The time to say goodbye had finally come.

Ami spoke first. She and Malachite stood face to face at her door. "I had a wonderful evening, Malachite. Thank you."

"You made my entire evening so no thanks are needed." There was a pause. "I would be honored if you’d join me for another evening or lunch…"

"Or breakfast," they both thought.

"I wouldn’t say no for any amount of money," Ami smiled.

Malachite felt overcome with…love. He leaned in and gently caressed Ami’s luscious lips with his own. There was such electricity there. Such desire.

He pulled away after a few moments and saw the effect he had on her. She was breathing heavily and looked naive.

"I’ll call you tomorrow." He was still holding her hand.

"Yes please do…" Ami breathed softly.

He kissed her again briefly and turned to leave. For if he didn’t leave then, he never would.

* * * * *

The next morning, a Saturday free of classes, Ami woke to a perfect morning outside and a wonderful smell coming from her living room.

Walking toward the source she found her living room overtaken with silver roses. At least a hundred roses and a giant arrangement in the midst with an envelope attached. She waded towards it and read the note.

"Like a sea of exquisite roses, you overwhelmed me and left me feeling absolutely wonderful. I hope I can do the same to you.

~ Malachite" She couldn’t believe it. She was so happy. And he was as deeply in love with her as she was with him.

Around noon that day, Malachite called form his office.

"You are so sweet, Malachite. I don’t know how you did this…but thank you. I love them," Ami said.

"I’m glad you liked it. I was afraid you’d think me forward," Malachite drawled in his sexy voice.

"I suppose normally…but not with you. You’re special," Ami smiled.

"Well, I dim in the light of your graces."

Ami laughed lightly and blushed.

"If only I could keep your laugh in a bottle to possess forever," Malachite said.

"Oh, you! You’re much too much." Ami laughed again.

"I must see you again. Tonight?" he asked.

"Of course. When?" Ami asked impulsively.

"Eight. Let it be our number. Our time."

"Eight it is. So you’ll call me at seven?"

"Of course. Goodbye, my sweet." And with that Malachite hung up. Ami’s heart beat wildly. She could hardly wait.

They went on like that for a month, dating almost every night, talking into the wee hours of the morning, falling more and more in love and becoming more and more intimate.

They became very intimate one night. They were at Ami’s door about to say goodnight when Ami seized the moment and impulsively kissed Malachite more passionately than she’d ever dared or they’d both ever dreamed.

He was surprised at first but soon surrendered to his own desire. He folded her in his arms and romanced her with his lips and tongue. They entered Ami’s penthouse and kissed their way to her bedroom. They fell into the bed together and were soon moving against each other’s completely bare bodies. Malachite gingerly kissed Ami’s supple breasts and she moaned with pleasure. She caressed his smooth, manly chest and muscular back. He worked his way down to her most tender flesh and romanced her from the inside. Ami was at the peak of her self-contentment.

Soon he came back to kiss her as he gently slid himself into her so they were one. He was gentle yet virile. She loved him and he loved her.

Later they fell asleep in each other’s arms, bodies entwined. Ami no longer felt a void in her life. And she never would again.