Here's my humble collection of Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction.
Mostly romantic, as usual, but I have a few humorous
pieces.The ones that are finished are clearly marked
as such and please make note of each story's RATING.
I will not be held responsible for some little ten year
old getting in trouble for reading NC17 work.
Thank you!

  • Ganbou no Honoo * Rating: NC17 * Chapters: Two * Status: Complete
  • In The Arms of The Beholder * Rating: NC17(for last Chapter) * Chapters: Five * Status: Complete
  • Rain In The Heart of a Rogue * Rating: PG * Chapters: Two * Status: Incomplete
  • Kourui no Yuki * Rating: R * Chapters: Four * Status: Incomplete
  • Top Tens * Rating: R(Humor) * Chapters: Two * Status: Complete
  • Jou-chan's and The Men They Love... * Rating: R(Humor) * Chapters: One * Status: Incomplete
  • Pretty Fly(For Battousai) * Rating: PG(Parody) * Chapters: One * Status: Complete